Ingeolan Corp. is dedicated to the development of geographic information applications for the corporate market, focusing on the "Location Intelligence" area. . More than 20 years of experience allow us to offer a wide range of perfectly adaptable solutions to your specific needs.
Our mission In Ingeolan Corp. we use the power of geography to enhance the analysis of your organization’s data, increasing efficiency during the decision-making process.
Location Intelligence to FIT your needs. Ingeolan Corp. has more than twenty years of experience in the business of tailoring GIS (Geographical Information Systems ) technology to the client’s needs. In the past, the GIS world was the territory of experts. Its apparent complexity made the permeation of its benefits difficult to any user in your organization . Geospatial analysis , extremely useful during the decision making process, was the field of only those technicians who dominated the GIS technology. With the arrival of cloud computing and our technology , the concept of Location Intelligence becomes a powerful tool available, with minimal effort, to everyone in your organization. A new way of working based on user-friendly interfaces and easy to interpret maps , will enhance your company’s ability to analyze and make better decisions.
The Ingeomaps Suite is a collection of tools developed by Ingeolan engineers in order to facilitate the preparation of applications tailored to your needs. Under this approach, your data will be combined with our powerful maps and be displayed with the powerful concept of "Location Intelligence". In such a way that:
Manufacturers of consumer goods can categorize sale opportunities, designing territories, identifying new opportunities and planning marketing campaigns. Insurance providers can clearly identify their risk levels, considering factors such as the location of seismic zones, flooded areas or storm pathways. Financial services organizations can better estimate their potential customers according to their product range. Telecommunication service providers can better understand where customers are, allowing them a more efficient investment in wireless service. Government security organizations can leverage their efficiency in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, taking into account the location of events. Health care providers can better organize their networks in order to ensure a more efficient population coverage.
Have your own Strategic Planning Center for a holistic view of your territories With the Ingeomaps Suite our engineers will pour all your ideas on territorial displays, spatial analysis and visualization of performance indicators. It's simple: tell us what your needs are and we will adapt our technology to them. You will have a powerful tool that anyone can handle, regardless of technical capabilities.
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